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Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with a container capacity of up to 10 litres allows up to 5,000 applications without refilling the container. The built-in rechargeable battery allows to install the device in a place without a permanent power supply. Such a large container and rechargeable battery make the use of the product significantly easier and more practical.

Thanks to the contact-free dosing form of the liquid, it guarantees hygienic disinfection conditions. Functional and elegant solution for spaces where a large number of people pass through offices, restaurants, health care facilities, schools, kindergartens, offices, cultural institutions, hotels, airports, etc. Simple and reliable construction and high-quality construction make the device intuitive and easy to use.


Manufactured in Poland
Container capacity: 10 l
Dosing type: automatic (infrared motion sensor)
Case: powder coated steel
Covering: PZH-approved paint
Recommended disinfectant: any brand in liquid form
Power supply: mains (230 V) and rechargeable
Installation method: free-standing device
Drainer: maintenance-free
Colour versions: white/grey/black
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